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The Victory Fund endorses qualified, committed openly LGBT candidates who can WIN at the ballot box.

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  • Nickie Antonio

    Nickie Antonio
    Ohio State Representative
    District 13
  • Henry Beck

    Henry Beck
    Maine State Representative
    District 110
  • Kevin Beiser

    Kevin Beiser
    School Board
    San Diego
  • Bryce Bennett

    Bryce Bennett
    Montana House of Representatives
    District 91
  • James Bowers

    James Bowers
    Nebraska State Senator
    District 46
  • Marcus Brandon

    Marcus Brandon
    U.S. House of Representatives
  • Harry Bronson

    Harry Bronson
    New York State Assembly
    District 138
  • Tim Brown

    Tim Brown
    State House of Representatives
    District 3
  • Cathy Callahan

    Cathy Callahan
    Columbia County Circuit Court
    District 19, Position 1
  • Tim Carpenter

    Tim Carpenter
    Wisconsin State Senate
    District 3
  • David Catania

    David Catania
    District of Columbia
  • Justin Chenette

    Justin Chenette
    Maine State Representative
    District 134
  • David Cicilline

    David Cicilline
    U.S. House of Representatives
  • Luke Clippinger

    Luke Clippinger
    Maryland House of Delegates
    District 46
  • Mike Colona

    Mike Colona
    Missouri House of Representatives
    District 80
  • Bonnie Cullison

    Bonnie Cullison
    House of Delegates
    District 19
  • Spencer Dove

    Spencer Dove
    Maryland House of Delegates
    District 32
  • Karla Drenner

    Karla Drenner
    Georgia House of Representatives
    District 85
  • Bonnie Dumanis

    Bonnie Dumanis
    District Attorney
    San Diego
  • Adam Ebbin

    Adam Ebbin
    U.S. House of Representatives
    District 8

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