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Victory for Tammy

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Tammy Baldwin has announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate, beginning a campaign that will make her America's first openly LGBT senator.

Many of you know Tammy. You know how decent, smart and caring she is. And if you've followed pro-equality efforts on Capitol Hill in the last decade, you know she doesn't give up. She fights as long as it takes to win, and that's how she's going to win this campaign. And when she wins, Wisconsin families will have no stronger advocate in Washington.

Victory's support for Tammy goes all the way back to the first time we endorsed her in a 1992 campaign for the Wisconsin legislature. She's won every election since, and in 1998 became the first openly LGBT American elected to Congress as a non-incumbent. For years she's been a brave voice on Capitol Hill, standing up to discrimination and speaking out both for her constituents and LGBT Americans.

Now it's time for us to fight for Tammy.

Helping to elect America's first openly LGBT U.S. senator isn't going to be easy. Tammy is still the only out lesbian ever to serve in Congress, so you can bet anti-gay extremists will be working overtime to keep her from winning. But every time they attack, we'll be there to help Tammy fight back, and we need you standing with us too.

Tammy is in this race to win it, but she needs your help. Joining this important campaign means you'll be part of a family of supporters who refuse to allow politics-as-usual to go unanswered.

Contribute to Tammy's campaign today and add a note of encouragement as she sets out on this exciting journey.