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Help Tammy Baldwin make history

This week brought the fantastic news that Tammy Baldwin pulled into the lead in her fight to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate. Four separate polls confirm a big shift in this race, and with just 7 weeks to go, victory is in sight.

Tammy first ran for office in Wisconsin when she was just 24. She won that race, joining a handful of gay and lesbian American trailblazers who refused to hide who they were in order to serve their communities. Twelve years later, Tammy became the first woman in Wisconsin history to be elected to Congress, and the nation's first out lesbian ever to serve on Capitol Hill.

Now, with your help, Tammy will break a glass ceiling that has existed for more than two centuries. She will fight for the people of Wisconsin, but Tammy will also represent millions of LGBT Americans who have never had an authentic voice in the Senate.

Please make a contribution and join this historic campaign today.

When Tammy raises her right hand to be sworn into the Senate this January, you'll want to be a part of making that moment happen.

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