The Charlotte Observer endorses Jane Campbell

North Carolina’s largest newspaper has endorsed Victory Fund candidate Jane Campbell for North Carolina State House in District 98.

The Charlotte Observer wrote in their endorsement:

“We prefer Campbell, a Davidson graduate who is unaffiliated but backed by Democrats. She helped supervise multimillion-dollar military departments in the Navy, honing leadership and consensus-building skills. She would bring a much-needed new LGBT voice to the General Assembly.”

Jane’s opponent John Bradford helped draft, sponsored and voted for the disastrous HB2 and refuses to denounce Trump. His support for the discriminatory legislation inspired Jane to run.

If elected, Jane would be the only openly LGBT state representative in North Carolina.

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Angie Craig ahead of Jason 'Mini Trump' Lewis in recent poll

The most recent polling in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District race shows Victory-endorsed candidate Angie Craig ahead of opponent Jason “Mini-Trump” Lewis by five points. It's exciting news, with just 19 days until the election.

The KTSP-TV and SurveyUSA poll also shows Angie holds a five point lead over Lewis on the economy, which voters identified as the most important issue this election cycle. And she is leading among moderates and independents, further indication her message is resonating in the Republican-leaning district. 

While Angie runs an issue-focused campaign, Lewis' scorched-earth approach has led several media outlets to dub him "Mini-Trump." He has called young women “non-thinking,” saying they only care about abortion and gay marriage, suggested immigrants are destroying white culture, and implied that slavery might not only be legal, but would be just fine with him. We've compiled some of his most offensive comments here.

If elected, Angie would be the first openly LGBT member of Congress from Minnesota and only the third LGBT woman in Congressional history.

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Progressive outlets endorse Tina Podlodowkski

Local editorial boards continue to be excited by Victory Fund candidate for Washington Secretary of State, Tina Podlodowski.

The Stranger wrote in their latest endorsement:

“The Secretary of State's primary job is to oversee elections, and Podlodowski, a former Seattle City Council member, says she would fight for postage-free ballots, same-day registration, and work to make sure the voices of people of color are heard through the electoral process.” 

Kim Wyman continues to struggle with an official complaint from the State Attorney General that her campaign violated state campaign-finance laws.

Seattlish summarized Kim Wyman as “a wet noodle at best and a conservative hammer at worst” and supported Tina to bring change to the office of Secretary of State.

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Sun Sentinel endorses Ken Keechl for Florida House

The Sun Sentinel’s editorial board announced its endorsement Ken Keechl for Florida House District 93.

The endorsement highlights his strong support for improving the county’s largest medical service provider, Broward Health, and his support to address climate change and rising sea levels.

In their endorsement, the Sun Sentinel states, “It's going to take leadership to get the region prepared” and they agree Ken is best suited to represent District 93 in the Florida House.

Additionally, the editors emphasized Ken’s stances on promoting public schools and enacting common sense gun legislation.

Ken’s opponent, George Moraitis, refuses to denounce presidential candidate Donald Trump and has a “lack of backbone” and continues to put “politics over principle,” according to the endorsement.

Currently Florida only has one openly LGBT legislator and Ken is one of five LGBT legislative candidates endorsed by Victory Fund.

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Governor Brown earns key endorsements

Kate Brown

Oregon Governor Kate Brown earned four strong editorial endorsements this week, highlighting her statehouse experience and positions on key issues – including women’s rights and the environment. Brown’s record of accomplishment is finally getting the attention and kudos it deserves. Meanwhile her opponent, Bud Pierce, continues his slide in the polls.

A few weeks ago during a televised debate, Pierce suggested that only poor and uneducated women could be victims of domestic violence because “a woman that has great education and great training and a great job is just not susceptible.” The backlash to his controversial and ignorant comments has severely damaged his candidacy and the latest polling has him down 13 points.

In their endorsement, the Statesman Journal writes:

“Brown has shown that she can learn on the job: to focus her priorities instead of trying to do everything, and to recruit legislative champions to promote her ideas in the Legislature. Her personable nature is a tremendous asset. People — including her political opponents — like her, regardless of whether they agree with her.”

Additional endorsements for Gov. Brown come from The Oregonian, Williamette Week and The Daily Astorian.

If elected, Kate Brown would be the first openly LGBT person elected governor. 

Tommy Greene Ahead of Opponent by One Point

Victory-endorsed candidate Tommy Greene has seen a surge in support in the past two months, and is now one point ahead of his opponent David Greenspan, according to internal polls. The poll shows the Ohio state legislative candidate is capturing 43 percent of the vote, compared to his opponent’s 42 percent, despite a barrage of television and mail attacks against Tommy in recent weeks.

The seven point gain since the August poll is a result of Tommy’s massive outreach efforts to voters across the District. His message is clearly resonating – including his pledge to support equal pay for women, oppose education cuts and protect the local environment. And the new poll comes just days after Tommy was upgraded to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s list of Essential Races – indicating the significance of his race to the Democratic Party’s efforts to win back key legislative seats.

Tommy needs to get his message out to as many voters as possible in the next three weeks. Contribute to Tommy’s campaign today, so we can secure another LGBT voice in the Ohio legislature come November. 

Six Victory Fund candidates upgraded to DLCC Essential Races

Today, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in coordination with Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund announced six Victory Fund-endorsed candidacies were upgraded to DLCC 2016 Essential Races. The joint endorsement highlights the critical importance of these six races in key legislative chamber battlegrounds and in furthering equality everywhere.

The six Victory Fund-endorsed candidates added to the DLCC 2106 Essential Races include: Jane Campbell, North Carolina House District 98; Tommy Greene, Ohio House District 16; Daniel Hernandez, Arizona House District 2; Stephen Skinner, West Virginia Senate District 16; Beth Tuura, Florida House District 47; and Jennifer Webb, Florida House District 69.

Read the full release here.

Learn more about Victory Fund’s 2016 Spotlight Races.


Denise Juneau’s opponent booed after saying being a lesbian is a choice

Denise Juneau squared off against opponent Ryan Zinke in a debate full of hot topics – but the most memorable moment came as the crowd booed Zinke for saying being a lesbian is a choice.

Throughout the debate, Denise shined and Zinke sunk, especially when asked how the two would work to protect LGBT rights. Denise received applause after saying, “That’s an awesome answer for me. No. 1, get elected.” She then highlighted she would be the first Congresswoman from Montana since 1941, the first Native American woman ever in Congress, and the first LGBT person elected to Congress from Montana. Denise closed her statement saying “representation matters.”

Zinke’s response, on the other hand, received jeers from the crowd. While stating his support for freedom of religion, he said: “It’s not my right to dictate how you think or what you do. And so I do support you (Juneau)… if you want to be lesbian, if you want to be Muslim, it doesn’t matter. You have the right to be you.” His response, implying Denise chose to be a lesbian, drew boos and groans from the audience.

We could not agree with Denise more. Representation does matter. And we need more voices like Denise’s in Congress – in part to stop the kind of ignorance Zinke demonstrated last night.

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Reminder: John Bradford voted to siphon $500K of disaster relief money to pay for HB2

As a storm approaches the Carolinas, Victory Fund, Equality NC and Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic remind the residents of North Carolina House District 98 that Rep. John Bradford not only bragged about being an architect of the state's discriminatory House Bill 2, he also voted to siphon $500,000 from the state's disaster relief budget in order to defend it court. 

By contrast, Victory Fund candidate Jane Campbell was inspired to run after learning of Bradford's role in writing, introducing and passing HB2. Read more about Jane at ThinkProgress

Here's our full joint statement: 

Charlotte, NC – State Rep. John Bradford voted for a bill to strip $500,000 from the state’s Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Fund to cover legal fees from HB2 – the bill he championed – despite dire warnings from NC State researchers this hurricane season would be significantly more active. As North Carolina braces for tropical storm or hurricane conditions with potentially devastating consequences for eastern and central parts of the state, it is important to remember the devastating consequences of HB2 on the state’s disaster relief budget.


John Bradford raided the state’s emergency response and disaster relief budget to clean-up the manmade disaster he created by drafting, sponsoring and voting for HB2. His legislative incompetence is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands in legal fees, damaging the state’s reputation and economy, and under resourcing its disaster relief efforts as Hurricane Matthew barrels toward the shore. Bradford’s short-sightedness led him to remove $500,000 from the fund that will assist residents and rebuild cities in a hurricane’s aftermath. He was playing politics when he stripped the civil rights of North Carolinians by supporting HB2, and then stripped the disaster relief budget of precious resources to pay for his catastrophic mistake. 

The Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Fund’s $10 million budget was reduced by five percent as a result of the vote by Rep. John Bradford and his colleagues.


Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund works to change the face and voice of America’s politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT elected officials at all levels of government.

Equality North Carolina

Equality NC is dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) North Carolinians.

Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic

Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic (PPVSAT) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization formed as the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. Fortifying our commitment to protect access to health care for all, educate teens, and prevent unintended pregnancies, PPVSAT engages in educational and electoral activity, including public education campaigns, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy.

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Victory Fund's Aisha Moodie-Mills disappointed LGBT issues not addressed during VP debate

Vice Presidential Debate

After tonight's Vice Presidential Debate with Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills released the following statement:

“Mike Pence has made a career of singling out LGBT people for discrimination, and it is disappointing tonight’s debate did not address his long record of using public office to advance his backward views,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills. “Pence opposes recognition of our relationships, opposes LGBT soldiers serving openly in the military, and opposes prohibiting restaurants and other businesses from refusing service to LGBT customers. It is important the Trump campaign’s extremist anti-LGBT positions be exposed in future debates – along with its attacks on women, immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, and veterans recovering from war. Their entire campaign has been built on fear and bigotry, and we believe voters will reject their attempts to turn back the clock on progress."


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